Water Facial Masque handmade from the ingredients of the earth to give you the skin of a goddess.
Water Powdered Face Mask (Calling all Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Angels)

Peppermint ~ a natural soothing plant beneficial for healing the skin (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent), the menthol within the plant reduces oil & grease on skin

Green Tea - the natural antioxidants fight inflammation & bacteria, also slows down the ageing through healing skin cells

Activated Charcoal~ is a very powerful ingredient that gives your skin a full detox by attracting toxins and clearing out your pores. It also balances the oils of your skin by absorbing all excess oils

Bentonite~ works on detoxifying the skin by drawing out excess oils & build up, also beneficial for minor skin conditions e.g. eczema & dermatitis

Green French Clay ~ strong absorber & purifier of the skin, really beneficial for acne and oily skin


Water Powdered Face Masque

- 100% Natural

- 100% Vegan

- Free of Animal Cruelty

- Selected Herbs & Flowers

- Made with Love

Each mask is handmade with love & selected herbs & flowers:

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