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Strength + Support flower essence


Created for when you need hope.

This combination is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss, are suffering from dark thoughts and can’t find a way out of where you are.


"These are changing my life - I'm using the Strength and Support for anxious/stressful times and it's been transformative. It's been amazing. I haven't changed anything else in my life except take the essence and I haven't been bothered by physical symptoms of anxiety or feeling as overwhelmed on a day to day basis anymore. I feel calmer and more able to deal with stressful stuff that does happen"

“ I used this a few weeks agowhen I was feeling dark. I feel much better. It helped”

“I’ve been having a tough time recently. and I’ve nearly finished my bottle of Strength and Support. I’m feeling so much more hopeful and that there’s light. Thank You”

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Strength + support ingredients

Wild Garlic - support from the Universe
Bluebell - brings courage
Pine - feeling the strength gained from life’s experiences
Twayblade - brings a feeling of it being safe to fall, you will be OK
Evening Primrose - a light in the darkness
White Chestnut - for unwanted repetitious thoughts
Cherry Plum - soft calmness
Rock Rose - helps stop feeling afraid and panicky
Borage - feeling you can cope with everything life throws at you
Gorse - brings in the light
Beech - for strength and communication

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