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These exclusive malas are created with love by Sarah Hamilton of SOLIS
A unification of three self care practices: making malas, painting and reiki.
"I wanted to bring together all three of these creative and healing practices  as this is how I find my solace and my hope is, through sharing this work I can help you find your solace too."



In order of appearance, from the guru bead upwards

 Silver Leaf Jasper (soft grey, green or brown - guru bead)
Jasper comes in many forms. They are nurturing, grounding stones, beneficial for connecting to the Earth’s energy. Strongly protective, it has been used traditionally
as an amulet of safety. Silver Leaf is especially good for self-nurture, assisting in supporting our own needs when there is a tendency to always put others first. It helps to find contentment in relationships, allowing us to provide the care that is needed without compromising our own ourselves. Excellent for physical wellbeing, it helps overcome dis-ease at all levels

Chrysocolla (blue green - looks like the Earth)
A tranquil and sustaining stone, it helps in meditation and communication. Within the home, it draws off negative energies of all kinds. It is helpful in accepting situations that are constantly changing, invoking great inner strength. It also helps stabilise any rocky relationships, healing the home and personal interaction. It calms and cleanses, re-energises and aligns all the chakras. At the solar plexus
chakra, it draws out guilt and reverses destructive emotional programming. At the heart chakra, it heals heartache and increases the capacity to love. At the
throat chakra, it improves communication and helps one to discern when to stay silent. At the third eye chakra, it opens physic vision. Reducing mental tension, it helps in keeping a cool head, enhances personal power and inspires creativity.

Aventurine (light green)
A stone for prosperity and abundance, aventurine has a very positive action. Cleansing the environment of electromagnetic pollution, it has a strong protective and stabilising effect. Promoting leadership qualities, decisiveness, perseverance as well as compassion and empathy. Enhancing creativity it connects to the heart
chakra, guarding against those that drain the heart energy. It brings a feeling of wellbeing, calming anger and opening up perception so that alternative courses of action can be seen. It supports the heart, emotionally and physically. Also supports the thymus gland and nervous system, eases migraines, is anti-inflammatory and helps heal the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, and muscles.

Prehnite (pale green)
A serene stone for unconditional love, inner knowing and guidance. A great stone to bring into the home, helping with de-cluttering and letting go of unwanted energies or possessions. Helpful for those who hoard due to an inner lack which may stem from past life experiences involving poverty, deprivation or a lack of love. It is a stone of peace and protection. Useful for getting to the root cause of an
issue. Physically, it supports the healing of the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs, repairs connective tissue and stabilising any malignancy.

Fluorite (pale green and soft purple)
A great stone for overcoming disorganisation and chaos, it
cleanses, purifies, clears and reorganises on all levels,
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It dissolves
fixed patterns, illusions and ideas that are limiting and
helps to reveal truth. It promotes insight, intuition,
connecting the mind to the universal mind. It is very
helpful when needing to act impartially, increasing self-
confidence, dexterity, aiding learning, processing
information, promoting quick thinking and spiritual
awakening. A very stabilising and protective stone, it also is
very effective in shielding from electromagnetic pollution
and absorbing negativity.

Onyx (black)
A stone for strength, stability, self control and for
centring energy. It is very supportive in times of
heightened stress. Useful in releasing past or indeed past-
life pain and stuck emotions, it integrates dualities in
the self, calms overwhelming worry and fear, promotes
wisdom and helps align with the higher self to receive
guidance. It is also useful for carrying one forward into the
future, helping to build personal power and encourage
being the master of your own destiny. Physically, it
supports the bones, teeth, bone marrow, blood and feet.

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