Sacred Healing Candle -  175ml

Earth, Air, Fire or Water

Choose the element you want to connect to + allow it to support you 

Burn the candle on the full moon or new moon, (or a time that feels right for you). Create a sacred space by allowing room for vulnerabilities or current worries and blockages to sit in the room with you. Listen to your spirit and focus on healing.

 - 100% Eco Soy wax

- Vegetable based wax colouring

- Essential oils / Fragrance oils

- Crystal Infused

- Selected flowers & herbs

- Made with love 

Please note each individual candle and comes with its own unique qualities - scent, crystals and flowers.

If you have a preferred candle please choose from our current stock, otherwise you will be given a randomly selected candle.

CAUTION: Please use caution when lighting candle, be sure nothing but the wick is being lit. Do NOT leave candle unattended. Do NOT burn candle for longer than 3 hours. (Small candles 1-2 hours MAX). Do NOT burn wax down to the bottom of glass jar for the wick to become visible.


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