Transforming your relationship with exercise


“I don’t know what I’m doing” anonymous woman

Is this how you feel about your body, your health and how you exercise? If so, you’re not alone. When I connect with women, many report feeling confused and overwhelmed as to why they can’t maintain long term supportive habits to enable them to reach their life, health and relationship goals.

That’s why I’ve created this 6-week online course to empower you with clarity and knowledge, giving YOU the freedom to make your own choices when it comes to your unique health and wellbeing blueprint. Through the power of movement and menstrual cycle awareness, you will learn the life-changing tools you need to support your body and mind.

6 Week Course Content

You will use exercise to create your own unique movement menu using targeted exercises at specific times of your cycle to elevate your health.
You will receive movement videos designed to support each stage of your cycle that you can refer back to when needed.
You will learn how the various seasons of your cycle impact your mental, emotional and physical health.
You’ll be joining expert-led interviews and educational talks with inspirational women such as Lisa McGuinness of Polevocative, Merilyn Keskula of Milky Moonlab, Kirsty Sheriff of Pinks Boutique, Charlotte Faur the Happy Nutritionist, Annelie Whitfield of Honour Your Biology and Laura Knowles of Touch For Health

You will also have access to;
Private Facebook page
Course-specific Whatsapp group
Weekly digital call with course members
Five Q&A’s sessions via Facebook
Interactive digital workbook

Bonus Content

Great discounts with women’s health brands to support hormonal health
Weekly playlists to inspire our adventure into each season and phase of our cycle
Prerecorded cooking class by The Happy Tummy Company to support gut health and your hormones
Optional Ritual Box from Enlightened Apothecary to help you create time for yourself in a beautiful space. (includes sage bundle, vegan leather journal to document your personal journey and precious stones for those who would like to promote energy healing – £50)
Guided premenstrual ritual with myself and Mylky Moon Lab that celebrates everything you are as a woman!


All digital calls will be via Zoom every Monday evening at 8pm. We will have a 90-minute digital intro and closing session and all other sessions will be 60 minutes.
You will approach the workbook with the group during our digital sessions and whilst you are working alone to help you to build resilience and personal development.
All additional information including blogs, interviews, Q&A’s, cooking classes etc will be posted on the private Facebook page.
The course-specific Whatsapp group will be used for inspiration and support.

Prøject Wøman’s intention is to create a world where women are awakened to and are unapologetic for the power of their choices, and we can only do that by understanding the unique power of our bodies.

Join other great women as they liberate the way the feel about themselves and life.

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