st palo

No. 5 Rest your thoughts


Diffuser blend 5

helps with: insomnia, releasing tension, depression, anxiety

We often end the day feeling exhausted, with our minds racing. This comforting blend helps you shake off the daily accumulation of stress and anxiety, and release the tension from your mind and body that often contribute to insomnia. Inhale nourishing & restful notes of bergamot, ylang ylang and chamomile as part of your evening ritual.

Ingredients: Bergamot, Ho; Linalool type, Ylang Ylang; Extra, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Chamomile; Roman, Petitgrain, May Chang

Often used for: A perfect meditation oil to clear your thoughts and let go of tension. Great at night time to set the mood for sleep and battle insomnia. Many of the oils in this blend are well known for soothing anxiety, depression and anger - helping to balance emotions when we most need it.

100% pure organic essential oil diffuser blend for use with the St Palo aromatherapy necklace only.

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