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No. 4 Find your centre


Diffuser blend 4

helps with: stress, fatigue, motivation and mental stamina

When the clouds roll in and your mood takes a tumble, this uplifting citrus blend brightens your day. Lift gloomy thoughts and manage stress with notes of fresh grapefruit and lime. Feel the sunshine radiate through your body — bringing a smile to your face and a sense of inner contentment.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Mandarin, May Chang, Lime, Neroli

Often used for: Citrus essential oils are known for elevating our mood when we’re in need. Our blend has been known to be used as a thoughtful gift for those in a time of grief or sadness or who struggle with anxiety and depression. This reviving blend is also perfect as a simple compliment to the mood for your everyday use.

100% pure organic essential oil diffuser blend for use with the St Palo aromatherapy necklace only.

400 hours wear time

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