My copper cup

My copper cup chakra balancing bottle

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This mantra bottle is adorned with the 7 stones of the chakra system. They are set in and welded with pure silver.

The flower of life is beautifully engraved on the bottle with the crystals placed on top allowing the energies of each to combine and amplify your ability to focus on the engraved intention of balance.

According to Ayurveda which is the medical system of yoga. You should store your water in a COPPER vessel because it adds prana ( life force energy) to the water. There are also many health benefits to copper (listed further below)

Water is a very complex material and should be treated with respect and reverence. Where there is water there is life. When we drink water it becomes a part of our body. The process of turning water into a human is no small feat. According to Japanese scientist Dr Emoto when the water is treated with respect it forms crystals. These crystals are high energy molecules.

So if you want the most out of your water store it in a copper vessel and send messages of love to it also centre yourself in a loving place before you drink it to get the most out of the water.

This bottle is 99.7% pure copper and holds 600ml


Brain Stimulant

Absorption of Iron & Sugar

Prevents Growth of E. Coli

Improves Thyroid Health

Promotes Formation of RBC (Red Blood Cells)

Boosts Immunity

Increases efficiency of Iron within the body

Efficient enzymatic reactions

Improves the health of eyes, hair and connective tissues

Reduces ageing progression

Increased energy production

Reduces cholesterol

Balances thyroid glands

Reduces symptoms of arthritis

Rapid wound healing

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