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These exclusive malas are created with love by Sarah Hamilton of SOLIS
A unification of three self care practices: making malas, painting and reiki.
"I wanted to bring together all three of these creative and healing practices  as this is how I find my solace and my hope is, through sharing this work I can help you find your solace too."



Rhondonite (pink and black mottled)
Strongly connected to the heart and heart chakra, it is an
emotionally balancing and nurturing stone. It brings up
and transmutes hurt from the past, healing emotional
wounds, assisting in forgiveness and releasing pain. It has a
calming energy, useful in conflict. Said to align the soul
more closely with the vibration of mantra, it is helpful in
meditation and helps in achieving our highest potential. It
encourages a brother/sisterhood mentality.

Rhyolite (Rusty orange and red, with cream or green)
A helpful stone for the exploration of the inner world and
the self. It supports emotional release, assisting in change
and healing, gently bringing us forward, integrating past-life
lessons and soul wisdom into the present, bringing
resolution without having to fully unpack an issue. It is
excellent at anchoring us in the present moment,
facilitating meditation. It fosters self-belief, self-acceptance,
self-worth and helps us to deal with arising challenges
with a calm and balanced attitude.

Muscovite (translucent pink)
Great for dispelling tension, easing self-doubt and feelings
of insecurity. It works with the heart chakra, bringing into
awareness a sense of acceptance and unconditional love,
regardless of flaws that may be perceived. It lovingly
supports self-awarenss, mirroring to us the aspects of
ourselves that we have pushed away yet may recognise in
others. It helps integrate all parts of the self; bringing us
into alignment with the higher self and allowing us to see
ourselves as others see us which then helps us to bring
our full selves to the world. It supports problem-solving,
clear communication and stimulates psychic vision. It
instills us with a joyful glow.

Yellow Calcite (soft yellow)
Calcite comes in many colours. It is a great energiser,
removing stagnant energy in the subtle bodies, cleansing
lower vibratory energy in an environment and amplifying
the higher vibratory energy anywhere it goes. It speeds up
spiritual development, facilitating the opening of the
crown and third eye chakras, developing intuition and
higher awareness, psychic abilities and helps the soul to
remember out-of-body-experiences. It fosters emotional
intelligence, calms the mind, boosts memory, alleviates
stress, teaches discernment, combats laziness, instilling
motivation and helps put ideas into action. Yellow Calcite
specifically helps in meditation and expanding our
awareness, raising our consciousness.

Pronounced “Rud-ruck-sha”, the name stems from Hindu
mythology and means “the eyes of Shiva.” It’s believed that
Shiva meditated on the welfare of mankind and emerged
crying tears of compassion. The tears, upon hitting the
Earth, crystallised to form the trees that grow rudrakshas.
Medicinally, they are known to heal the mind and body
ailments, reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure.
They are also believed to increase clarity and general
awareness, calm the central nervous system, help quiet
the mind, and free negative thought. In addition, they are
said to be cooling when worn against the skin, and
increase energy and stamina while providing rejuvenating

Rose Quartz (pale pink)
A stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It
resonates with the heart chakra, purifying the heart and
opening it up, bringing deep healing and promoting self
love. It is calming, reassuring, and excellent in trauma or
crisis. It invites love into your life and brings harmony to
relationships. It gently draws off negative vibrations,
strengthens empathy and increases sensitivity. It can aid in
accepting necessary change. It helps to release
unexpressed emotions, and transmuting emotional
conditioning that longer serves. Physically it aids in chest
and lung problems, placed on the thymus. It also helps
heal kidneys and adrenals.

Lepidolite (mottled purple, sometime reddish
Great at clearing electronic pollution. Insists on being used
for the highest good, it opens third eye, throat and heart
chakras. By helping to release old psychological and
behavioural patterns it clears away blockages from the
past and takes you forward into the future. It alleviates
depression, encourages independence and achieving goals,
helps to focus on what is important, filtering extraneous
distractions. Emotionally it helps to create space to think
and act freely, soothing sleep disturbances and alleviating

Sunstone (pale pink/orange)
A joyful stone, harnessing the energy of the sun, instilling
joie de vivre and good nature. Restores sweetness to life,
allows the real self to shine through happily. Traditionally a
stone of good fortune and luck. It has a profound
regenerative power. It is useful in removing energy ‘hooks’
from other people whether located in the chakras or the
aura. These hooks have the effect of draining our energy
and this stone lovingly returns the contact to the other
person, helping to cut ties and assist in saying ‘no’.
Particularly helpful in seasonal affective disorder, it brings
light to darkness. It also helps where there are feelings of
discrimination, disadvantage or abandonment. Reverses
feelings of failure and increases self-worth. Encourages a
positive take on events, lifts out heavy emotions and
transmutes them. Helps avoid procrastination.

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