Nikki hill

Harmony Bath & Body Oil


A hormone-balancing bath & body oil to help relieve premenstrual tension and irritability and help regulate your cycles. Useful if you suffer irregular cycles especially due to stress, PMS, trying for a baby or suffer menopausal anxiety. This bath & body oil is safe to use in pregnancy to balance mood and aid relaxation.

  • Uplifting and calming
  • Eases PMS
  • Safe in pregnancy

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To further enhance relaxation…..   Add 1 cup of Epsom salts (or Magnesium flakes) to a bathtub of warm water with a teaspoon of the sleep time bath and body oil. Soak in the bath for 20 minutes. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium, which is an excellent muscle relaxant and sedative for the nervous system. Dim the lights, burn a candle, breathe in and relax!

Ylang ylang: 
An uplifting and calming essential oil - useful for depression, insomnia, PMS and stress-related conditions. 

An excellent all-round women’s hormone balancing essential oil – useful for irregular periods, PMS and menopause. 

An uplifting and relaxing essential oil - useful for low moods, anxiety and irritability. 

Rose otto: 
An uplifting essential oil and menstrual regulator – useful for PMS, irregular cycles, anxiety, and postnatal depression.

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