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The relevance of the sacred geometry of the octahedron (double inverted pyramid) is as important as the crystal itself. 

The Octahedron can move you to an even higher vibrational frequency than the pyramid, it allows for us to unveil our spiritual nature, compassion, love and healing energies within our physical and spiritual bodies.

The “Stone of Discernment and Aptitude” that acts as a protective, psychic shield and auric cleanser. It also helps relationships and encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well being. Fluorite is the stone of self discipline, concentration, efficient organisation and appropriate action. Also enhances spiritual awareness and intuitive powers. Fluorite aids mental disorders, stress, lower back pain and helps strengthen teeth and bones. 

Hold Fluorite whenever you feel stressed, and allow what no longer serves your to be released. Use Fluorite when performing healing, clearing, protection + meditation. Allow it to support you to dissolve subconscious blocks and bring out creativity.


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