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Cramp Bark & Black Haw Tincture

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Say goodbye to period pains with this Cramp bark and Black Haw tincture. Cramp bark and Black haw are two of the best herbs to have on hand at all times for any sort of menstrual pain as they are extremely effective at reducing uterine contractions, and uterine muscle spasm. It is safe to use for several days prior to onset of menses in anticipation and prevention of painful cramps. There is also no risk of liver damage from these herbs like there are with NSAID use.

  • Helps ease period pain that is colicky, crampy or contraction-like.
  • A natural and safer alternative to ibuprofen

Caution – Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid if sensitive to salicylates.

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3 mls in a little water up to 4 times a day as soon as you feel the onset of period pain. Reduce the dosage as symptoms abate. If your menstrual cycles are regular, you can start a few days before the usual onset of cramps. Do not exceed recommended dose.

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