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Celestial Waves includes a selection of 5 blends of adaptogen elixirs created to enhance beauty, love, immunity, serenity and balance filled into 15 on-the-go sachets.

As seen in VOGUE Magazine

Natalia's adaptogenic elixirs are inspired by the philosophy of using ancient wisdom, Ayurvedic superherbs and supermushrooms to influence your modern-life experiences. 

Natalia was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 18 years old. For the 10 years that followed, her condition flared up regularly, meaning countless hospital visits, impacting all areas of her life. Finding no ease through conventional medicine Natalia was sent on a different path where she finally discovered the wonderful healing and restorative powers of natural adaptogens.

These ancient medicines transformed Natalia's health, so much that she has regained control of her body, her mood uplifted + her symptoms dissipated.

And so, Natalia Botanicals adaptogen elixirs + healthy treats were created from a deep passion for plant medicine and helping others feel their best.

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Add contents of sachet to tea, coffee, juice, milk, or your favourite raw/cooked recipes.

1 sachet per use

Bare Beauty Glowing skin x3 3g
Full Mane Luscious hair x3 3g
Love Potion Passion igniter x3 3g
Shiva Strength Immune booster x3 3g
Serene Goddess Restorative calm x3 3g

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