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Created to support you in winding down + letting go

This combination flower essence is very useful if you have trouble sleeping. It is great for taking after a long tiring day when you want to relax and unwind. It is very good for adding to baths as well as drops under the tongue.


“I was a little sceptical, but now I’m a complete convert!  Breathe Deep, Seek Peace has made a huge difference to the quality of my sleep by switching off my over-active brain. I’m sleeping longer and not waking up worrying in the middle of the night any more. Thank you Saskia, my life is transformed!”

“I need to share my sleep experience last night… I dosed up on Saskia’s Breathe Deep, Seek Peace essence and Oh Lordy!!! I really did sleep like the proverbial… Absolutely Brilliant!! A restorative and peace filled sleep… What a gift… Thanks Saskia”

“I’ve been meaning to say Thank You - I’ve been using your Breathe Deep, Seek Peace essence for a couple of weeks now, it’s amazing -making such a difference to my quality of sleep. I’ve even got my partner using it and that’s an achievement !!”

“Never have I ever slept better and more restfully since using Breathe Deep, Seek Peace… Emotional Relief is also a handbag essential must have!. I highly recommend trying these flower remedies”

“I’ve been using Breathe Deep, Seek Peace for a few weeks now and have not had such a restful sleep for years. I didn’t have trouble going off to sleep but would wake during the night and struggle to go back to sleep or sleep very lightly. I’d often feel just as tired when I woke in the morning. Since using the drops I still wake in the night when my son calls out which I need to be able to do but I drift back off to sleep very quickly and when I wake up I feel energised and rested.I can’t recommend this highly enough to get back a quality nights sleep and start the day in the best place possible”

" Menopausal sleep deprivation is the stuff of medieval torture, who knew that 5 drops of Breathe Deep, Seek Peace could literally turn my life around.... I slept !!! Like I used to before children... restorative, unbroken, peace filled sleep !! I haven't stopped recommending this because IT WORKS!!!! Thank you Saskia "

Breathe Deep Ingredients

Rio Clarillo - to let go and wash away all those old feelings
Bindweed - for untangling
Oak - stop and be still
Speedwell - slow down
Wild Garlic - universal support/letting go of fears
Red Chestnut - to stop worrying about others
White Chestnut - letting go of unwanted thoughts

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