Every element of the Om Shanti Alchemy magnesium oil is designed with mindfulness + self care at the heart. Throughout the creative process Om Shanti create a sacred space, the area is cleansed burning organic homegrown sage before the creating is started.

The seed of life is imprinted on every bottle. This powerful symbol is found at the heart of an ancient pattern called the Flower of Life, the seed represents the divine design within all things. Seeds are incredible, magic cocoons of nature that hold inside them entire blueprints for life. There is an entire consciousness encoded into this singular geometric seed, which is then imprinted onto our products altering the energy of that product. It also contains a three point triangle representing the mind, body and soul being connected along with one simple circle around the seed. This circle is a representation of wholeness, unity and the infinite.

Sacred chanting of Mantras is another way these products are infused with the highest healing frequencies, the sound resonates through them during the creation process, raising the vibrations of the product one step further to be transferred to you in the process.

Om Shanti infuse the magnesium in small batches with Reiki energy, so this energy will be transferred to you when you use it.