This topic is not contested - but the approach we take in Golden Lotus may be. Overall, use of the jade egg during pregnancy is strongly contra-indicated. This is for a variety of reasons, some of them energetically and physiologically sound, and others just cautious but not necessarily based in real risk. The main factor to consider at every stage of your pregnancy regarding anything internal - be that touch, examination, or an egg - is the risk of infection to the vaginal canal and/or the uterus. Another factor is that using an object such as the egg can disrupt or shift the cervix, and this is the main exploration which we will do, trimester by trimester, below.
"The main advice which I give women in my clinic is that your comfortability with your prior to conception sensitivity and jade egg practice should be an element of determining whether that is safe for you during pregnancy. I would suggest quite strongly to not “introduce” a jade egg practice during pregnancy, and if you were going to do so, the safest time for this would be late in the 3rd trimester.



Your first trimester is the most “volatile” period of your pregnancy. This is the most high-risk part of a pregnancy where the majority of miscarriages take place. For this reason, unless you have a specifically awakened sense of your pelvis and have experienced your conception directly, have a good history of internal bodywork and a strong jade egg practice (in which case you’ll know if you get a “no” from your body) it is not suggested to use the jade egg. The jade egg has a strong descending affect on the cervix and it could dislodge the mucus plug which is forming if you have had any spotting at all. Alternately, if you do have a strong jade egg practice and relationship to the child within, it is unlikely to be able to affect you in the same way and you may find the anchoring and the sense of grounding a peaceful and strengthening experience for your child and yourself.
The reason the practice is contraindicated is because of the volatility of the cervix and the conception at this time.



During the second trimester, if you have a previous jade egg practice, and you have a history with internal work, or even are receiving internal work during your pregnancy, it may be lovely to wear the jade egg. It can help with grounding some of the early second trimester symptoms of nausea and headaches, and it can help your pelvis stay supple, flexible and strong towards the end of your second trimester. Generally, once again, due to the strong descending energy of the egg, jade egg work is contraindicated, but it’s important to know why that is and if you feel safe to use your egg it can also acclimatise you towards future stretching of the vaginal canal, and also inspire your pelvis to open and sensitise - especially if placed inside to do practices such as pregnancy yoga or yin yoga. OB GYNs would suggest not inserting anything foreign (except your lover) during your 2nd and 3rd trimester as ever object increases the risk of Group B Strep and anything which could cause complications becomes their liability - which is to be respected. Ultimately you need to use your connection practices and your previous jade egg practices as a guide to see if this would help or hinder your pregnancy.



In your third trimester in general your pregnancy is considered very established, stable, and it is safe to have plenty of sex, to bounce on a ball, to do your yoga, breathing, perineal and vaginal massage and stretching, and thus the jade egg and intra-vaginal bodywork are very safe during this time provided you sterilise your egg properly. During this time it’s not only nice to use it with pelvic rotations etc. but it’s also nice to use some oil with your practice. One element of the practice in your final trimester which is also beautiful is that if the baby is energetically connected to the egg, they will often kick or become more active during or after the practice as they sense the energetic alignment. If you have had a jade egg practice and you haven’t been sure whether it was safe to use in your first two trimesters, once way to determine if you and your baby will respond strongly or not to the jade egg is of course all of your connection practices, but also try a pregnancy massage or acupuncture. If you find that both your responses is good with those sorts of energetically moving and energetically intimate treatments, then it is likely you will respond well to the jade egg practice as well. If you are nervous, keep the egg on a string so that if you feel at any stage the egg is moving too high, or you are uncomfortable, you can remove it immediately without bearing down or needing to squat. Always remember the jade egg is an activating tool which can ground the cervix, so when you are full term it is also possible to use the egg as one of many tools to avoid induction - it will bring your energy and body into labour - if it the right time for that.