Naturally, every women has a different relationship to her moontime. For some women this is a time of great pain and pressure, or others a time of increased psychic awareness, dreaming, detoxification and relaxation. Therefore, the best advice which can be given is that it is important to listen to your own body and make decisions which are deeply in tune with your own physiology. From a very practical point of view, a prolonged jade egg practice during your bleed can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Bleeding generates a lubrication which means that the egg will slip out far more easily than usual, so if you choose to do a practice, rather than walking around or doing moving practices, choose to do a meditative or self pleasuring practice while lying down on your back, or sleep with the egg in. In addition, the egg generates an anchoring of the pelvic floor, and an activation of the musculature of the womb. During moontime, if you use the egg, you may find sometimes that you feel a little bit tender or almost bruised afterwards in your ovaries and cervix, as the musculature is already contracting and working during your bleed. Each month, as women, we collect experiences, energies, and emotions and we store these in the uterus as well, and when we bleed, we release and renew all that we have gathered. If you have been doing intensive work during your cycle, or had a very emotional experience, or held groups of women or workshops, you may find that your bleed is subsequently heavier or more sluggish that month; in this instance wearing the egg intermittently during the first two days can be very helpful to move the energy downwards and clear the uterus. This is also true if you suffer from conditions of excess in the uterus such as PCOS, or endometriosis - however be mindful and discerning with this. If you have strong internal muscles and/or a strong jade egg practice you will likely have already discovered if you are a yes or a no to a moontime practice; it can be the most pleasurable time of your practice, or it can be a time you strictly rest.