The following is the Golden Lotus “Blessing the Egg” ceremony. This meditation  was channeled during a Golden Lotus Full Moon Ceremony, one Full Moon after Golden Lotus was born. Shortly after the meditation was channeled during the blessing ceremony, one of our participants wrote the following poem.

“My dear sisters,
My dear friends,
We are all women
We are all on the same way,
We are all full of love
Sisters from different mothers
Lets hold hands together
Finding inspiration,
Gathering our love
Lets find strength, To forgive each other,
For judgments and words, Harsh or abusive
As we are all there, In the universal cradle, Surrounded with enormous power to create
We are women
We are all mothers, sisters and daughters
My beautiful sisters
Let's stay tall
We are power
We are love
We are softness
Kindness and progress
Take my hand
Give me yours
We are bound for success”
- Dessi Kassab, for Golden Lotus