Patchouli is used in many Pagan rituals and can be used in many types of magickal work, particularly spells for love and attraction. It has a rich, earthy scent and is one of the strongest energetic essential oils available.

Bulgarian rose has a deliciously rich scent, and promotes rose energy, opening your heart chakra to divine and self-love, amplified by herbs of scented rose.

Rose quartz promotes unconditional love, deepening your connection with yourself and your loved ones. Its energy is gentle and will assist you in connecting to Divine Feminine energies within yourself.

Larimar is the embodiment of tranquil sea and sky energies, relieving stress and nurturing both the physical and emotional bodies. It is powerful when used in meditation and in connecting to the Divine Feminine.

Aquamarine is also a crystal with energies of the sea, evoking the purity of crystalline waters, and calms, soothes and cleanses the auric field. It is ideal for use during meditation, aiding in helping you discover your own truths, wisdom and feelings.

10ml glass bottle with roller ball, perfect for carrying with you throughout the day.

100% natural ingredients. Vegan. Contains fractionated coconut oil which deeply nourishes skin.