Nikki hill

mama's bloom third trimester tea


This delicious tasting pregnancy and post-brith tea is rich in vitamins and minerals and has been formulated with herbs used traditionally to help prepare your uterus for labour and post-birth recovery. It is recommended to start drinking this tea in your last trimester of pregnancy. However, you can safely start drinking 1 cup per day from second trimester and increase up to 3 cups per day in your last trimester.

  • Prepares body for childbirth and post-birth recovery
  • Nutritive tonic high in minerals especially iron, zinc and calcium + vitamin C

Place 1 heaped teaspoon into a teapot or infuser. Add 1 cup (250ml) near boiling water. Allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes. Strain and serve. Can be served hot or cold over ice as a refreshing iced tea.

You can safely start drinking one cup of this tea a day in your second trimester.

Enjoy up to 3 cups per day in your last trimester of pregnancy and during labour.

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