Meet Bobbie Bowden, founder + creator of the heart felt healing collection Om Shanti Alchemy. I so deeply admire Bobbie + her mission, born through her own battles with mental health + her quest to find a  natural approach to help her cope with anxiety.

Bobbie quickly discovered the power of reiki, which then opened her up to crystal healing, sacred geometry + the power of vibration.

I wanted to find out more about Bobbie's story, intentions + soul purpose + wish to thank her for her honesty x

You have created a collection that clearly comes from the heart, what is your intention behind it?
Thank you! It means so much to me that you recognise that as every single product has been created in a heart centred space. The intention is to heal, to provide something to reach for in moments of upset or distress, or as just a daily nourishing support. The intention is to also move the person into a space of centred calm, whilst providing moments of mindful connection to your self-care practice.
What led you to creating the collection?
It was essentially having an anxious breakdown a few years ago which catalysed me to start this. The anxiety hit me out of nowhere, I had no idea I was stressed until all the physical symptoms started showing through. I went from feeling fine one day to having sheer exhaustion the next, I felt nauseous all the time and noises were amplified, I actually felt like I was going crazy! Until my Dr explained very calmly that I was having a severe reaction to stress and my fight or flight switch was on permanently. It was then around 7 long months of researching healing methods, talking to practitioners, taking herbal remedies and finding a way to cope with it before I started to realise that I was feeling a bit better. I tried to absorb as much information as possible and educate myself on different methods I could reach for when the panic attacks started, along with training in reiki & aromatherapy and discovered the power of Magnesium. Magnesium was the first physical thing which contributed to me getting better, I started having baths of it as I’d heard how it was beneficial for sleep and also improves how we respond to stress. I started sleeping better which in turn made the days easier, and eventually started playing around with making magnesium balms and sprays which was the very first product we launched! I wanted to take all the elements of the practices I found along my own healing journey and embody it into these jar’s and bottles to help other people.
You share openly about some of the emotional + mental struggles you have overcome, how did you do this?
It took a lot of time, patience and gentleness. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely overcome it, there are days where it flares up and I need to be extra gentle with myself and be careful what I say yes too but generally I’m a lot happier than I was. I did it by being incredibly dedicated to my healing and knowing what my triggers are. I completely stopped drinking alcohol as that was a trigger, and for a while I stopped putting myself in situations that that were outside of my comfort zone (even though people say it’s within that area which allows growth, that’s only true if you feel capable of growing). I also started seeing a healer every other week which is combined therapy and energetic healing and it is a huge help.
What does self-love mean to you?
Self love to me, is honouring your boundaries so much that no amount of external pressure can waiver them. It’s knowing every inch of who you are, and loving all those inches too including all the bits you may not actually like. It’s not allowing anyone other than yourself to define your self worth, and knowing that you are deserving of the most beautiful life in all its forms.
Can you share your favourite ritual?
People talk about baths not being real self-care but for me it’s definitely a favourite ritual. I find the energy of water really calming and nourishing, and when Magnesium & Himalayan salt are added into the mix with some reiki charged crystals, flowers or eucalyptus it becomes a beautiful mindfulness practice. I then like to massage our calendula butter into my skin whilst it’s still damp afterwards to lock the moisture in and do some journaling with a raw cacao heart opening elixir or a hatha yoga routine.
I feel the healing energy so strongly through your products, what healing modalities are you connecting to or are you happy to share the process you create to do this?
So I try to incorporate as much healing energy into the products as possible. This starts with ancient Sanskrit mantras being played throughout the creation process as these are known to emit a healing vibration, they are then poured into our glass bottles and jars which have our logo of the seed of life imprinted on them which is also said to contain the blueprint to the universe. Everything is then infused with Reiki energy, to maximise the healing potential of the products whilst all the ingredients have been individually chosen for their properties.
If you could share a piece of insight or wisdom to everyone who might be battling mental instability what would it be?
Get help, there are so many people around you who want to help you get through this. There isn’t a one size fits all approach, and the start is the hardest part but start reaching out to people, do some research and find a therapist or healer that resonates with you. Start meditating daily, find a way to be gentle with yourself and not rush the healing process. Above all, do not feel guilty! Guilt is the most pointless feeling, it makes you unable to enjoy the time you’re taking out for yourself. You are allowed space, you are allowed to say no and you are allowed to put yourself first.
What are you manifesting for Om Shanti in 2020?
This year I’m manifesting more healing, collaborations, conversations, stockists and just generally reaching more people to try and help in one way or another. We also have new products to launch, exciting competitions and workshops!! I can't wait to announce some of the events that are lined up so i'll be able to share this healing energy with people in person.