Meet Nia, blogger + wellness influnecer of successful blog Nia Faraway, a source of inspiring content, refreshingly honest + authentic outlook. Her quest is to discover + + share ways to remain balanced + mindful in an increasingly chaotic world. This girl I greatly admire, she is guided by her soul + isn't afraid to speak her truth, a rarity in the perfect social media society.

Most recently Nia has crafted + conjured up Yūgenial, a curated collection harnessing the healing powers of CBD, something Nia is very passionate about, as am I, which is why I am so thrilled to bring Yūgenial into the enlightened apothecary. You can shop the collection HERE + use code FARAWAY to receive 10% discount for a limited time only.

What inspired you to create yūgenial?
I studied medical science at Imperial College London, which is now home to the world's first cannabis and psychedelics research centre - conducting independent research into the therapeutic potential of plant medicines, free from commercial and political interference. It is spear headed by professor David Nutt, who believes that the legal Hemp Industry has the potential to usher in new paradigms in healthcare. The Endocannabinoid system is still not taught in medical schools and not nearly enough weight is given to integrative paradigms such as the mind-body connection. 
After going through a pretty bad burn out and experiencing some of the healing benefits from responsible use myself, I knew I wanted to be involved in the industry. CBD contributes to a movement that seeks to educate the consumer and replenish the endocannabinoid system, whilst challenging perceptions around drug policy and plant medicines.  
How do you hope for people to benefit from using the yūgenial collection?
As the Endocannabinoid system is so extensive, people are experimenting with CBD for a whole range of health conditions or ailments. However one of my favourite quotes comes from Dr Dustin Sulak, who is a diplomat of the American Academy of cannabinoid medicine - 'we need to change our relationship with cannabis, from something that we use for recreation, or to treat severe symptoms, to something that we use to stay healthy, like we would a Multivitamin'. 
Stress in particular, is one of the biggest contributors of poor health in the western world, and negatively affects the Endocannabinoid system, which can rebalanced using a neuromodulator such as CBD. 
Can you share what positive impact CBD has had on your wellbeing?
For me, when I smoke CBD I notice the effects immediately. This is because smoking it is the most bioavailable format. It is not psychoactive so you don't get 'high' if you don't mix it with THC / weed, but you do get a wonderful body high and an instant sensation of calm. I recommend mixing it with herbs like spearmint. Leaving out the tobacco also massively reduces / almost negates the cancer risk associated with smoking. 
In terms of taking the oils as a supplement, this is processed differently by the body, so as with a multivitamin, it's not something I immediately notice, however I do notice that my overall sense of wellbeing is affected when I stop taking it. Along with holistic lifestyle modifications, it helps me handle stress better, sleep better and I know that it's proven Neuroprotective properties are positively impacting my mental health. 
Why do you feel CBD is so relevant in this modern day?
At the start of the technological revolution, we expected that the advent of IT and the internet etc would make our lives easier, meaning that we would work less. However we are now all working more than ever before, and permanently glued to our screens 24/7. This has resulted in an epidemic of burn out and stress, along with the cascade of other health issues that this causes. CBD is one way of holistically healing our bodies, reconnecting with ourselves and the natural world. It's amazing that the compounds that exist in nature, in the cannabis plant, are analogous to the receptors found in our body - as though we have a symbiotic relationship with nature and the wider world that we need to re-establish. 
What have you learned on your yūgenial journey so far?
That self-care is not selfish, because we each have a responsibility to the self - to help each other help ourselves. That we are creatures of our environment - all being interconnected both with each other and the wider world around us, and that holistic healthcare therefore involves a bio-psycho-social approach that looks at the organism and environment as a whole. 
How do you incorporate yūgenial into your ritual + please share your favourite 
On our website, under the 'Our Story' tab, there is a meditative tea ritual. This is by far one of my favourite ways to break up the day and take a few moments to pause. As with all plant medicines, the practice of intention heightens the effects, thanks in part to the strength of the mind body connection in stimulating the body's self-healing mechanisms. 
8. What are you manifesting for the future of yūgenial and will we see more lines added to your soulful collection?
Hopefully we have many more exiciting collaborations such as yours in the pipeline, and I would also love to introduce some herbal smokes to the collection when we can find a supplier that meets our standards.