Like lots of things in life they start by necessity. I was having a hard time, my children were having trouble at school and my relationship was a mess. A homeopath friend of mine suggested I try the Australian Bush Flower Essences. The results were close to miraculous.
However I had no knowledge or attachment to the flowers they were
made from and needed more than I could afford. Reading up about flower essences the process of making them didn’t seem that complicated so we thought we’d give it a go.
The first one we made worked in such a powerful way that we were hooked.
Being a professional gardener and florist I knew most of the plants around me on a
physical level so moving over to discovering more about their personalities and what
they helped with was a natural progression ..... That was more than 15 years ago
now .....The rest is history as they say......

How do I choose what I need?

Usually people choose by reading the descriptions on the website or by being drawn to a particular flower by looking at its photo or noticing it around you. Sometimes you will find that you keep seeing a particular flower or tree in your everyday life –if this is the case it might be that you need the energy of that plant for your healing.
If you really can’t choose which essences you need I do offer on-line (or in person)
consultations where I use a pendulum to choose which combination of essences you
need . And of course if you dowse yourself this is a very good way to choose as
often our logical brain can get in the way.

How do the  flower essences actually work?

Flower Essences contain the vibration of the plant that they are made from. They
contain no material matter. Their unique vibration is held as a memory in water andheld there with alcohol (or cider vinegar). When this liquid is absorbed into your
system this vibration is transferred to all of the liquid in your body. This enables you
to learn the lessons that that plant has to teach you. Flower essences are usually
used to help you unlearn patterns that are no longer useful or required. They help
shift negative thoughts and behaviours and give support in difficult times.
Usually essences are taken as drops under the tongue like Rescue Remedy but they can also be absorbed through the skin by taking them as a spray or drops in the bath. And because they contain no material matter and work on an emotional level rather than a physical one they are completely safe to use with other medications, whilst pregnant, breastfeeding and are very effective with children who’s patterns are a lot less stuck than ours.

Why are flowers so magical?
The flower of a plant contains all of the information of that plant to pass on to future
generations. It is the part that is the most vital and energetically excited. It contains
the sexual organs and is often the most beautiful part.
As humans it is often the part of a plant that we notice first... Basically flowers are
sexy and beautiful and full of potential energy.

When I was a florist people would often ask me what my favourite flower is... and like having to choose your favourite child an almost impossible question to answer. And so it is with essences... my favourite changes with the seasons and what i am
needing most... although if I had to choose just one it would probably Potentilla –so
delicate and beautiful - it reminds people of their own inner beauty and gentle power.

What inspires you to create each combination?
Again I would probably answer necessity... Each one of our combinations came into
being for different reasons... a chance conversation, pure inspiration or a request
from someone else. For instance our Focus,Energise,Create was made for a group
of film editors who wanted something to help them get on with the details of their
project whilst still being able to keep the whole project in sight.

Which combination do you always have to hand?
My handbag often clanks with essences as I am always handing them out to people
in need however I always carry Shock Release - the same as Rescue Remedy but
with added dandelion - in case of accidents .Sexy and Gorgeous is another I always carry as it’s my favourite combination and a few drops under the tongue when you need an extra lift, are feeling low or jaded makes life so much more enjoyable.